Monday, September 1, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

that three out of four of E.'s photos won ribbons at the fair -
6272.) for a delightful Sunday spent with our older boys and their girls - pushing wheelchairs at the Home, eating a delicious lunch at M.'s sister's, enjoying soft-serve ice cream on the way home
6273.) for the changing colors of the farm - the soy beans and walnut trees are yellowing, the corn is drying brown, the green pokeberries are turning to purple
6274.) that the pumpkin and gourd plants recovered from the early hail and are producing nicely
6275.) for a good start to our family's 16th homeschooling year - Where has the time gone, Abba? Thank You for your faithfulness all these years.
6276.) for a fun Saturday morning at the big annual Labor Day weekend yard sale we always go to - free magazines, a gorgeous book of animals and container of blue Silly Putty for E., and a big watering can
6277.) that You own all the nations (Psalm 82:8)
6278.) that You are a strong tower where I can run for safety (Proverbs 18:10)
6279.) that those who trust in the Rock will not be disappointed (Romans 9:33)
6280.) for the testimony of Jehoida - "he had done much good in Judah for God and his Temple." (II Chronicles 24:16) - it is possible to follow after You, though it seems that all around is evil

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