Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September's Idea Board

Thoughts and ideas to meditate on in September:

* "God doesn't color in our lines." -- Chuck Swindoll

* "Delight yourself in the trustworthiness of God." -- Karen Loritts

* "If we're struggling to trust God, we don't really know Him." -- Leslie Ludy

* "God greases the tracks in the direction in which you go." -- Steve Brown

Notes from a recent Revive Our Hearts series on the life of Joshua:

* Trials are opportunities that put us in a place to remember how desperately we need Him.

* Trials train us to learn God's ways.  Some things we don't learn until we're thrown into the battle.

* The battles down in the valley are dependent on the intercession on the hill (Exodus 17:11).  The work of intercession determines the outcome of the battle.  Am I on the hill fighting for my family?

* We focus on the enemy instead of on the fruit (Numbers 13).  Get your eyes off the giants and onto the grapes.

(The photo is of a lantern that adorns an old warehouse along the waterfront street of a little river town M. and I walked through last Sunday afternoon.)

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