Saturday, February 1, 2014

February's Idea Board

After recently reading about Catherine's Idea Board idea at A Spirited Mind, I knew immediately that I wanted to implement the idea in my own life as well.  Like her, I have several practices for retaining what I read.  The Idea Board seemed liked yet another way to help process and keep in the forefront of my mind the current phrases, thoughts and lessons that I'm pondering.  Instead of framing these things as Catherine's done, I plan to write them out here as a post to help cement them in my mind and possibly encourage someone else with the thoughts.  As I started this idea late in the month and haven't had time to record items in my inspiration journal to later post here, February's listing may not be as long as future month's Idea Boards.

Scorn all that is not good, honorable, wholesome or beautiful;
Embrace with submitted strength the implanted Word (Who is able to save my soul); and
Do it. (my paraphrase of James 1:21-22)

There must always be take-aways.  (My understanding of James 1:22-25 - In studying for several recent Sunday school lessons, I came away very clearly with the idea that I MUST discern, implement and apply the messages I learn from them.  Just reading Scripture and looking into the mirror doesn't get me far, I must find a take-away and live it out practically to grow.)

The Bow - He, Too, Remembers
The Passover - Don't Forget Where I Came From
His Name - The Importance & Power of It

My mind was created for closure, for completion.  Follow and finish a task, a conversation, a thought through to the end.  Stop leaving loose threads dangling like participles.

Think based on truth, NOT emotion.  

Assuming is dangerous.  Always, always ask.

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