Friday, August 1, 2014

August's Idea Board

Thoughts and ideas to meditate on in August:

* "You can't experience God's grace without God's government."  -- Mr. Clark, one of our Sunday school teachers

* "Is my authority going to be God's Word or my feelings?" -- Susan Hunt, on a recent Revive Our Hearts radio program

* "Not until we make pursuing Him our highest priority will we begin to fulfill the purpose for which He created us.  Nothing is more important."  -- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

* Love is, first and foremost, not a feeling.  Love is the choice to demonstrate to one another the love that God has shown to us.  -- Notes from a recent ROH radio program with Leroy & Kim Wagner

* "'Forgiveness,' he said aloud to his dog, 'is giving up my right to hurt you because you have hurt me.'  He didn't know where that particular wisdom had come from, but there it was."  -- Jan Karon's Father Tim character of the Mitford series

Notes from a recent ROH broadcast on being true women of God:

* When we walk in His ways, who we are showcases Who God is.

* We won't be done growing in Him until we quit breathing.

* True women are not cookie cutters.  They are also not perfect but are aiming for the ideals of God.

* Cease striving and know that He is God.

* Breathe grace in and out.

* We need to help one another put on the armor of God.

* We are becoming moment by moment, day by day, the women God created us to be.

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