Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Graduation

Last Saturday evening we celebrated Caleb's graduation from homeschooling.  He didn't want a program or a slideshow, just a simple picnic with friends and family.  His only other requests were to have homemade ice cream (coffee and peanut butter flavors) and to shoot claybirds.  He pulled the old tractor he restored into the yard so that those who hadn't yet seen it could check it out. 

You may find it odd that there are no photos below of Caleb.  He doesn't like his picture being broadcast to the world, so I've learned to respect that desire.  You will, however, see a photo of me at the very bottom.  Caleb, his cousins and friends spent quite awhile trying to convince me to take part in the shooting.  I finally gave in and told them I would shoot one time and only one time.  M. had Ben stand behind me, in case I decided to fall over if the gun kicked!  I managed though to stay on my feet - besides that, didn't I go and hit the claybird.  I felt like Annie Oakley!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures; congrats to Caleb!


Vicki said...

Looks like a fun evening! My oldest son graduated last year from our homeschool. He too did not want a lot of fuss made over his graduation. We had a simple picnic with family and friends, with fireworks to finish off the evening.

Julie said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies. I LOVE the fireworks finale idea, Vicki!

Lori in Texas said...

Ha! Julie, any girl in a house full of boys (I had 4 brothers, no sisters)eventually holds a gun! We love shooting clay pigeons and it sounds like you may just have a gift for it!! I'm sure I couldn't hit the side of a barn with all those people behind me watching *~D

Julie said...

Beginner's luck, I guess! Marty did tell me that clay shooting is more of a knack than anything. Once you get the feel for it, it's pretty easy.