Friday, October 4, 2013

Caleb's Tractor

He did it.

Caleb's been restoring a 1950 Oliver 66 Tractor for over a year now.  His goal has been to get it done in time for Steam-O-Rama, the local exhibition of antique tractors and steam engines held every fall.  He worked like a madman this week, and though it's not completely finished, he was able to drive it to the fairgrounds last evening for registration.  He did a beautiful job, and we were all so excited for him!

It was also a bittersweet moment.  The tractor originally belonged to a dear family friend who went Home three years ago.  His hobby was buying old tractors and tinkering with them.  After Dean died, Caleb asked his widow if he could work at restoring the Oliver.  It's been a tremendous source of blessing to him - he's learned so much in the process.  And it's been a blessing to Miss Anne, as well - cheering Caleb on and watching him take interest in something her husband loved.

And so, when Caleb registered the Oliver last night, he decided to put two names in the owner line. 

In my mind's eye, I can see Dean's grin.


Vicki said...

Way to go, Caleb!

Brianna said...

Oh thats so great! Tell Caleb he did a really nice job! Hopefully I'll see it tomorrow!