Monday, January 6, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

4829.) for another restful, cozy Sunday
4830.) for an impromptu visit with my sister and her family on Saturday afternoon
4831.) that the boys got in a whole day of hockey on the pond before the rain came
4832.) for a date night with M. on Saturday evening at one of our favorite restaurants
4833.) for the poignant beauty on the face of a little girl who sang a solo yesterday in church
4834.) for being a faithful Shepherd to us (Ezekiel 34)
4835.) that the Lion is worthy to open the scrolls (Revelation 5:5)

Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Hoping a blessed New Year for you and your family! And thanking you for your delightful blog and newsletter, it really is such a treat!

Julie said...

Great to hear from you, Cary! Glad to know that you're still enjoying my scribblings. Happy New Year to you as well!