Friday, January 3, 2014

Forcing Bulbs in Pebbles

I came across an article recently in a magazine that shared how to force bulbs in a container of stones.  Having several paperwhite bulbs on hand, as well as a pretty milk glass container I'd pick up at a thrift store, I decided to give the instructions a try.  Eli loaned me several handfuls of glass pebbles which I placed in the bottom of the relatively shallow container.  The bulbs were nestled into the pebbles and water was gently poured into the dish just until it reached the bottom of the bulbs.  You want there to be enough water in the bottom for the bulbs' roots to reach down into but not enough to touch the bottom of the bulbs much or they will rot.  Refill every few days as needed.

I took these photos this morning - it's how the bulbs look after about two weeks.  They're doing well in my bedroom - it's cool in there but they get plenty of afternoon sunshine.  I hope to take another photo to share if and when they bloom.  Can't wait to have blossoming flowers in the midst of snow!

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Brianna said...

Wow! This is really cool! When i first read the title I thought it said "forcing bubbles in pebbles" ;) I was thinking this would be really hard to do....
Please post pics once they bloom!