Thursday, September 12, 2013

1950 Menus from Betty Crocker

Towards the end of Mom's Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book is a section entitled Supper Dishes.  The page to head up this section is a listing of menus for Supper and Luncheon Dishes.  As it's fun to read vintage menus for modern-day inspiration, I'm including them here:

Some Sunday Evening
Welsh Rarebit with Tomato Slices, Anchovies, and Gherkins
Chilled Pears
Chocolate Cupcakes
Coffee, Milk, and Tea

A One-Dish Meal
Hot Tamale Pie
Crisp Vegetable Salad
Crusty Rolls
Fresh Fruit
Butterscotch Cookies
Coffee and Milk

Cozy Family Supper
Ring of Plenty with Creamed Tuna and Peas in Center
Wheaties Muffins
Garden Salad
Baked Pink Rhubarb
Crisp Sugar Cookies
Coffee and Milk

Homey Hospitality
Spicy Tomato Cocktail
Veal Paprika over Noodles with Almonds and Poppyseeds
Jelly and Hot Rolls
Salad of Melon Balls, Sweet Green Grapes, and Bing Cherries
Ginger Cream Roll
Coffee and Milk

For Gourmet Guests
Avocado with Lemon Ice
Pompano en Papillote
Green Salad
French Bread
Baked Alaska
Coffee and Milk

For Meatless Days
Cheese Souffle with Mushroom Sauce
Tomato-Lettuce Salad
Crusty Currant Buns
Fresh Strawberry Shortcake
Coffee and Milk

Last-Minute Fare
Lumberjack Macaroni
Individual Lettuce Cups filled with Chopped Fresh Vegetable Salad
Fruit Sauce
Chocolate-Frosted Brownies
Coffee and Milk

An Elegant Buffet
Curried Shrimp in Green Rice Ring
Herb Bread
Lettuce Cups holding Bits of Bright Red Tomato, Pale Green Cucumber, Radish Discs,
and Little Green Onions with French Dressing
Lemon Parfait with Crushed Raspberries
Angel Food de Luxe
Coffee and Other Beverages


Brianna said...

What is Welsh Rarebit? Sounds like Welsh Rabbit...:) hehe

Lori in Texas said...

This actually sounds like my childhood! This is the way my mom made meals -- family and company.

Julie said...

Brianna -

Welsh Rarebit (sometimes called Welsh Rabbit!) is a cheesy, creamy sauce served over toast. My mom's cookbook said that the melted cheese was supposed to be a substitute for rabbit since peasants were not allowed to hunt for the real thing on the estates of noblemen. But how anybody could think that cheese is a substitute for rabbit is beyond me?!

Thanks for sharing, Lori - I LOVE that the menus are a reflection of your childhood! Lucky you!

Brianna said...

Haha! Thanks for getting back to me!