Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank You, LORD . . .

From the photo shoot that E. and Betsey did the other day -
4324.) that Henry the Heron seems to have decided to take up residence on our pond - the speed and agility with which he spears fish is astounding, Abba!
4325.) that Bert (the Parakeet) has mastered the whistle we taught him
4326.) for Mint Oreos on sale
4327.) for a cozy day of rain yesterday and the coolness it brought with it
4328.) that the egg count is slowly going back up
4329.) that our fields of corn are yellowing and drying - a sure sign Autumn is on its way
4330.) for the anticipation of Ash's pirate party tonight (how can that sweet baby be 5, already?!)
4331.) that "when I am afraid, you, LORD, know the way out" (Psalm 142:3)
4332.) for the roles which You have given husbands and wives (Colossians 3:18-19) - for when they are lived out in obedience and trust, joy and life emerge
4333.) that there is safety in Wisdom (Proverbs 7:5)
4334.) that You speak to us (Job 33:14-17)
4335.) that You will never do wrong nor twist what is right (Job 34:12)

(Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography)

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