Monday, July 15, 2013

Celtic Woman DVD

Wow.  My mom recently loaned me her Celtic Woman DVD and since all my guys were off in various places the other evening, I sat down to watch it.  Originally, I planned to view just a bit at a time - but I ended up watching the whole thing because I couldn't get enough!

The DVD is of a concert in Ireland done by five Celtic performers back in 2004.  The various musical pieces include traditional Irish ballads, as well as classical and contemporary numbers.  From astounding fiddle numbers to amazing harmony among the women's voices, the concert was terrific.  After my initial view, I've been replaying several of the tracks - my favorites include the sweet Send Me A Song and spirited Orinoco Flow.  I understand that you can purchase a CD of the songs, which I would highly recommend.  Though it's fun to watch the excitement of the concert performance, the real beauty lies in the gift of music these ladies have been given.  (And one note of caution if you do watch the DVD, the performers' dress designer didn't go the modest route.)

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