Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Dirt on Dirt

Filled with lovely photographs -

I just read an article in a magazine about the health benefits that come from dirt and soil while you work in the garden or dig in your flowerbeds - or whenever your hands are in contact with dirt.  Supposedly your body absorbs minerals that are in the soil, and those minerals are thought to be a natural anti-depressant.  They boost the body's ability to make "feel good" thoughts or feelings or whatever you call them.  Now I know why I'm happier and more content in the summertime.  It's the dirt!

-- Laura Anne Lapp, An Amish Garden: A Year in the Life on an Amish Garden

This quote made me wonder if it's not a remnant from man's occupational benefits in Eden?!  Sounds like something God would come up with, doesn't it?

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Vicki said...

Put a hold on this one at my library:)