Monday, July 7, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

For the freedom we still enjoy in this land to worship You -

5827.) for a very productive Saturday and a very restful Sunday
5828.) for our pleasant visit last evening with Aunt Helen on her patio filled with plants and birds - and for the new tea and lily she sent me home with
5829.) for the satisfaction that yesterday's lunch came primarily from our own farm - steak, grilled onions, steamed cauliflower and blueberry pie (all but the buttered macaronis!)
5830.) the quacking of Laffy & Taffy outside the window
5831.) for the anticipation of tomorrow's trip to a distant farm market with Mom
5832.) for the fun of watching an old Star Trek movie with M. yesterday afternoon over a tea tray
5833.) that You have grown my trust in, and love for, You - further, Abba, still further
5834.) for the many rewards of wisdom (Proverbs 2) - help me to "get wisdom" (Proverbs 4:7)
5835.) that "wisdom is proved to be right by what it does" (Luke 7:35) - may that be the case in my own life as well
5836.) that Jonathan went to David and strengthened his faith in God (I Samuel 23:16) - the beat of my heart, Abba - use me and make it so
5837.) for Your great goodness (Psalm 35:27-28)

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