Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

For the stunning craftsmanship and beauty of old carousel figures -
5770.) for a long weekend in the mountains
5771.) for the surprise of a lanky little bear that ran up the bank and across the cabin drive while I was on the porch reading!!
5772.) for our Saturday evening bike ride to Wolfe's General Store and for the 35 cent popsicles we bought there
5773.) for more Knoebel's memories - eating kettle corn and people watching, riding the two trains and Whipper, visiting the carousel museum, shooting at the target gallery, watching a little pet show and circus, browsing through Stony Gables Fudge Cottage and Santa's Workshop, playing mini golf, and savoring soft ice cream by the creek
5774.) for the sweet Thanksgiving notecards I found at Goodwill
5775.) for the mixed berry muffin we shared from a new little sweet shoppe and cafe
5776.) for the video of Lucy and Desi's The Long, Long Trailer that M. found at a yard sale for me
5777.) for our Sunday night walk-thru of the garden and the fresh cauliflower and zucchinis we brought in
5778.) for the power and strength of Your voice (Psalm 29:3-9)
5779.) that Dagon kept falling on his face before You (I Samuel 5:1-5) - keep me there, Abba
5780.) for the loving mercy of our God (Luke 1:78)
5781.) for the iron sharpening from good friends (Proverbs 27:17)


Stac said...

I am going to try again to comment on your blog. Let's see if I am any more successful! I love your praises!

Julie said...

You did it, Stac! Yay!! (BTW, your comment won't show up immediately after you type it - it comes to me privately for my approval before it gets published.)