Friday, July 18, 2014

Nuggets From Only Fifty Years Ago

* ". . . poetry is first of all in the thought or the feeling.  That has to be beautiful.  And then the words you use to express it have to be beautiful as well as beautifully put together.  Poetry is beautiful thought distilled.  Boiled down like maple syrup."

* "What if he started to bleed on the way?  Oh, dear Lord, I'd never forgive myself!"

"He would expect you to," said Vinnie.  "For He would forgive you.  You used your best judgment.  That's all anyone can do.  Nobody has any reason or right to have guilty feelings over an honest mistake.  When we've made one, it's our duty to learn from it.  That's one of the surest ways to 
learn . . ."

* "We all do go from dusk to dusk," Vinnie had agreed.  "But that's all right because we live our day between, and I don't believe there is any black night at the end.  Out of the last dusk the heavenly sun rises and never sets . . ."

* From the doorway he asked, "How much do you think she understands when you talk to her like that?"

"I don't know," Vinnie answered, opening Marcy's box.  "Any more than I know whether 'the stars and the angels' could see George's fireworks.  But if we didn't talk to her like that, how would she ever understand it?  I've always believed that whatever you tell children often enough gets through to them, sooner or later.  To some of them sooner and other ones later."

-- Gladys Hasty Carroll, excerpts from Only Fifty Years Ago

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