Monday, April 28, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

For the magnificence of Spring -
5413.) that You provide in such personal, intimate, loving ways with absolutely perfect timing
5414.) that Your Son is at Your right hand, interceding for me even as I write this
5415.) for reminding me that our true need, above all else, is a personal, interactive relationship with You
5416.) for the lessons that I always come away with from the nursing home
5417.) for a few hours of fun and the treasures I brought home from the book sale on Saturday
5418.) that You've done it, do it and will continue to do it - all for love (Psalm 136)
5419.) that You are a God of order and detail (Numbers 4)
5420.) that even the evil spirits testified that Jesus was the Son of God (Mark 3:11)
5421.) for the warning about removing a border that's been set in the past - there is wisdom in looking for the reason and principle behind it (Proverbs 22:28)

Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography

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