Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Book Review of The Little White Horse

Elizabeth Goudge's work is sheer magic.  Having been introduced to her writings several years ago, I've become enamored with her books.  She doesn't just write stores, she weaves them.  And there is an elusive quality to her work that I find difficult to put into words.  She writes with a profound depth of understanding of people and their humanness - she creates characters that are rich and deep.  She makes me sigh and ponder and cry and think hard and soar.

Sadly, it seems that most of Goudge's adult fiction is out of print.  I've managed to find a handful of her books in our local library system, and I keep my eyes pealed for them at used book sales.  My most recent read was The Little White Horse, which is classified as Junior Fiction and re-printed by Puffin Books.  Out of the Goudge books I've read so far, this one's my favorite.  It's fairy tale at its finest.

In 1842, Maria Merryweather comes to Moonacre Manor in the countryside of England and finds mystery, romance, tragedy, and hope in the people and creatures that she quickly takes to her heart.  Woven amidst salmon-pink geraniums and bouquets in the mornings and candied cherries with milk and cottages made in caves, this is a story about all things being made right.  I wanted to climb inside the book and live at the Manor with Maria and Miss Heliotrope and Marmaduke Scarlet forever.

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