Thursday, April 17, 2014

Remembering the Bread of Life

It is clear from Jesus' own words, and also from the practice of the early church, that the service of "breaking bread together" is intended to be at the very center of our worship and fellowship.  It certainly is that for me.  I try to ensure that I get the full meaning of what God intends for me every time, so I have a personal discipline of remembrance every time.

When I take the bread, I try to be thankful for three aspects of that broken bread that have significance for me.  First I remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, when his body was broken for me.  Then I think of the way in which his life continues to sustain me today; his body, the Living Bread.

Then I look around me and recognize those who are worshipping with me.  I need to remind myself of our essential oneness, and I do it individually.  Deliberately downplaying our differences, I seek to see Jesus in each one of them.  That way it becomes indeed a love feast as well as a memorial service and, not least, a celebration of the continuing life of the Lord within me.

-- Dr. Paul Brant, God's Forever Feast: Letting God Satisfy Your Deepest Hunger

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