Friday, April 18, 2014

A Mighty Impression

(Jesus) died not as a martyr but as the representative of a sinful race.  Although God loved him infinitely, still, as the representatives of a sinful race, in his displeasure he poured down upon him the vials of his indignation.  The death of Christ was intended to make an impression upon the universe, and all the circumstances attending it show what a wonderful effect it had.  When he was nailed to the cross the sun refused to look on, and the heavens were clothed with sackcloth; the whole universe seemed shaking to its foundations.  Heathen philosophers observed it, and said, Either nature is being dissolved, or the god of nature is dying.  The dead could not sleep in their graves, the earth trembled, and the tombs opened, and those who had been dead issued forth, and walked into the city.  The veil of the temple was rent in twain.  God made a mighty impression upon the entire universe, when, in order that sinners might be pardoned, he thus made a fearful demonstration of his hatred against sin.

- Charles Finney, 19th century revival preacher, from his sermon Christ the Mediator

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