Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Fragrance of Easter

The following is an article written by Sue Monk Kidd that I recently came across in the book, The Stone Was Rolled Away: Living the Miracle of Easter.  A lovely idea:

I've decided to celebrate the events of Easter in a unique way this year.  I'm going to make a Holy Week bouquet.

The idea came as I read the Scriptures about the last week of Jesus' life.  I noticed that many of the events were accompanied by a particular plant.  "Why not remember the events by gathering the plants into an arrangement," I thought.  One that would not only decorate my home for Easter, but symbolize the meaning of that special week.

Here are the plants I plan to use in my bouquet:

A palm branch - to represent the events of Palm Sunday
Grapes and wheat stalks - to symbolize the Last Supper
A reed of thorns - to depict the mocking of Christ
A passion flower or poppy (the source of gall) - to represent the Crucifixion
Aloe, myrrh or other spices - reminders of Jesus' burial
A white lily - to symbolize the Resurrection

Whether you choose to create an actual arrangement as I do, or simply reflect on each plant and the event it exemplifies, I believe you and I will create a thing of beauty that will leave the fragrance of Easter in our lives for a long time to come.

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