Monday, March 31, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

For the faith that spring will come again -
5246.) that in You I find "a home within the wilderness"
5247.) for time together with all my guys this weekend - the privilege of seeing Sight & Sound's production of Moses, enjoying dinner afterwards, and introducing the boys to our favorite Amish bargain store
5248.) for loaves of blueberry-orange bread, hot from the oven
5249.) for the joy of hearing my oldest teach the adult Sunday school class - I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. -- III John 1:4
5250.) for homemade ice cream and the five of us playing the card game "Golf" on a rainy, sleety, snowy, windy Sunday afternoon
5251.) that You will bless those who respect You, from the smallest to the greatest (Psalm 115:13)
5252.) for the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) and that my inability to keep them drove me to the Savior Who could
5253.) that though "there will be more and more evil in the world," those "who keep their faith until the end will be saved" (Matthew 24:12-13)
5254.) that You will bless the home of those who do right (Proverbs 3:33)

Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography


Anonymous said...

Do tell, what Amish store is your favorite. We are planning on seeing Moses in the fall. Did you get a chance to see Noah? It was our first show at Sights and Sounds and it was breathtaking!


Julie said...

Noah was the first show we saw and remains our favorite. I love, love just walking into the theater - there is a definite sense of peace and joy there. Just thinking that, nearly every day, thousands of people hear the Gospel through these productions is exciting! What an awesome privilege it is to live so close and be able to experience the encouragement of this work. As for the Amish bargain store, I'm referring to BB's Grocery Outlet in Quarryville. We love hunting for grocery bargains and even the boys had a blast finding stuff!

Anonymous said...

I love a good bargain also. Thanks for the info., I will have to check the place out in the fall.