Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Idea Board

Thoughts & ideas to meditate on in March:

* Don't worry about lowering yourself.  Simply raise others up, and you'll naturally be lowered.  (See Philippians 2 - the humility chapter.  Gleaned from a Revive Our Hearts broadcast.)

* You can never go wrong on the path of humility. (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

* I can learn something from everyone I meet. (Wisdom from House Calls & Hitching Posts)

* Never forget that The Snake is always a snake, no matter what costume he puts on.  (A thought from a recent sermon, based on the appearance of Satan the Serpent in Genesis.)

* Want to be an effective servant?  Check out the principles found in Acts 6.  Be:
Full of the Spirit/empty of flesh and self
Full of wisdom/empty of foolishness
Full of faith/empty of fear and doubt
Full of grace/empty of pride and self-sufficiency
Full of power/empty of own strength
(Notes from ROH series of effective servanthood)

* Light dispels darkness.  Burn brightly - others will be drawn to the flame without a word.  (Gleaned from a radio sermon by Chuck Swindoll.)

* There is a direct correlation between our spiritual growth and teaching or mentoring others with what He's taught us.  Christ called us to make disciples - teaching others what we know of Him.  Our spiritual lives will be stagnant if we fail to do so.  (Notes from a message by James MacDonald.)

* My words reveal my heart.  (Luke 6:45)

* If everything is pushed through the grid of His love (and it is!), can't I trust Him?  (A quote from a True Woman conference speaker)

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