Saturday, March 15, 2014

Allspice Bean Bag Sachets

Upon coming across some very simple instructions to handsew bean bags, I knew exactly how to use up my tiny stash of Pooh Bear fabric.  If I'm unable to be at Sewing Circle, Miss Polly will occasionally tuck a surprise of small fabric odds and ends into my church mailbox after she's cut as many pajama pieces from the yardage as she can.  She knows that, like her, I enjoy fussing with crafty little projects from time to time. 

Anyway, I had just enough of the sweet fabric to make two bean bags (which I "turned" into sachets).  Instead of filling the pouches with beans, I read of a suggestion somewhere (probably in one of my herbals) to stuff them with whole allspice berries instead for a very light, spicy fragrance.  A perfect way to combine my fascination with herbs and the fun of crafting.  Here are the simple instructions:

Cut two pieces of fabric 5x5."  Place right sides against each other and pin along sides.  Sew around edges with a straight stitch, but leave a 1" gap.  Turn fabric right side out, fill with desired amount of beans or berries and stitch closed.  If you use the allspice berries, they can be purchased at a bulk foods store.  Also, put your sachet in just a small drawer - since the fragrance is very light, you'll need a smaller area for the smell to be noticeable. 

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