Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Easy-Peasy Crocheted Blanket

I use two skeins of complimentary colors for one blanket.
Several months ago a friend inspired me by her participation in Project Linus - an organization that provides homemade blankets for needy children in various crisis situations.  Since then I've begun crocheting about two blankets a month to donate to our local chapter and have found much joy in doing so!  The guidelines are very few - they ask that the blankets be new, handmade, washable and come from a smoke-free environment.  The blankets can be quilted, knit, sewn or crocheted in kid-friendly colors.  For more details, see the FAQ link on their site.

If you want a pattern that's incredibly easy, you'll find one below.  I found it on the internet, and adapted it a little bit.  My blankets take two 7 oz. Red Heart Super Saver skeins of yarn, and I use a J-size crochet hook.  The dimensions are approx. 30" x 35".

Create a slip knot with your yarn.

Start your foundation with a chain stitch by chaining (Ch) 100.

Row 1:  Single chain (sc) in each chain to end.  Turn.

Rows 2 to end:  Sc in next stitch (st), and in each st across. Ch 1.  Turn.  Repeat until your two skeins are used up.  Fasten off.

This pattern produces a tight weave which works well for children in hospitals since cords don't get caught in it.

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