Monday, December 30, 2013

Thank You, LORD . . .

Laffy & Taffy in the last snowfall -
4802.) for a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon that was cozy and warm inside - playing games, reading, napping, crocheting, watching old Mason episodes over fries and gravy
4803.) for a New Year's present from my Secret Sister - a new devotional by David Jeremiah
4804.) that when necessary, You make things abundantly clear
4805.) that I have the privilege, benefit and joy of being home another day
4806.) that my cold is getting better and I was able to sleep through the night
4807.) that You send me Your love and truth (Psalm 57:3)
4808.) that the destruction of Jerusalem was, is, and will be in Your hands (Ezekiel 21)
4809.) that You were, You are, and You will be coming (Revelation 1:4)
4810.) that Wisdom does make my life pleasant and brings me peace (Proverbs 3:17)

Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography

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