Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some Vintage Advice on Walking

Of all the suggestions and rules given for reducing flesh none are more important than the simple one of walking.  In this age of hustle and bustle we are inclined to form a habit of going about, even though the distance may be short, in a street-car or a motor - according to our means - where the benefit would be infinitely greater if we would only walk.  Walking brings into exercise more muscles than you realize, and, if the gait is sufficiently rapid, will perceptibly increase the circulation.  Many of my friends tell me, that in the daily routine of their life they get considerable exercise in the way of walking, but to get the real beneficial results it must be in the open air, with shoulders thrown back, chest expanded and the walker breathing deeply.  If this is done with regularity you will lose some of the superfluous fat, and the complexion will take on a healthy color, all tending in the direction of beauty as well as of health.

-- Mrs. C. C. Mitchell, from her article entitled Improving the Figure by the Reduction of Superfluous Flesh (I am not making this up!), McCall's Magazine for December 1911

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