Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Book Review of Loving Your Mother Without Losing Your Mind

I have to admit that the quirky title of the book, Loving Your Mother Without Losing Your Mind, by H. Norman Wright is what made me pull it off the church library shelf.  This helpful book is a compact resource in building relationship with your mother.  Nothing in the book is rocket-science - but it contains truth, wisdom and practical insights thrown in with simple, thought-provoking exercises that encourage the reader to look at your relationship from new angles and perspectives.  I especially appreciated the exercises - they helped me to come to some insightful conclusions about my own relationship with my mom.

This book would be beneficial for those with difficult mother/daughter relationships, as well as be a source of appreciation to those who've had a terrific relationship with their mom.  It's also for those who've lost their mothers to death or separation of other kinds - helps in learning to work through possible grief, forgiveness and anger issues as well.  Personally, it also shed some light on my own mothering style and habits.  Insightful . . .


Olivia said...

Would you also recommend it for the mother-in-law relationship? My in-laws will be living with us for approximately 6 weeks while the home they are building is finished.

Julie said...

Olivia -
Yes, I think you could glean helpful insights into a mother-in-law relationship as well. When I was reading the book, I didn't think to connect it that way - but the info. and exercises could probably be adapted somewhat in reflecting on a M-I-L relationship.