Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Birthday Collage

So . . . have you noticed a birthday theme running through the last several posts?  I can't help myself.  I've always loved celebrating my birthday.  M. teases that my birthday includes the entire week before the actual day, as well as the entire week after!  I really can't argue - he's right.  So many lovely cards and gifts and phone calls and surprises from family and friends to enjoy.

And speaking of cards, I wanted to include a post of a little tradition I've been doing the last couple of years with my birthday cards.  Instead of securing each whole card in my scrapbook, I've been simply cutting out a prominent part of each and making a sort-of collage.  Making a little note of who they're from allows me to remember the giver.  It's a fun little project that only takes a few minutes but gives much pleasure.

P.S. Notice the homemade card in the upper left-hand corner?  My mom made that one for me - she takes old vintage cards and cuts them up to create new ones.  If you can't quite see it right, it's the image of a homemaker in her apron and heels putting a flower pot on the windowsill.  Love it!


Kathy in Illinois said...

Happy birthday, Julie! Mine is the 26th of August.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Julie said...

Thank you, Kathy - and an early "Happy Birthday!" to you . . .