Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flowers & Friendship

My mom recently told me about the big, beautiful fresh flower bouquets that a family farm market right down the road from us sells for an incredibly reasonable price.  After her description of the latest arrangement that she bought for herself, I knew I wanted to pick one up for a friend's birthday.  I inquired at the market and found out they cut bouquets fresh for Thursday, Friday and Saturday but that I could order one and they'd have it waiting for me first thing the next morning.  Gorgeous, isn't it?!

And speaking of gorgeous, upon delivering the bouquet to the Birthday Girl's house while she was away, I found this paper-cupped Stargazer Lily waiting for me on their back steps.  I'd say I made a good trade.  Actually, I don't know which is lovelier - the lily or the thought behind it?

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