Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Annual Hometown Yard Sale

Every year on the first Saturday in June, the little town that I grew up in has a community-wide yard sale.  It's quite the event.  Main Street is jam-packed with people and traffic - and the shady side streets have their share of hubbub as well.  Lots of people make hot dogs and snow cones and all manner of goodies to sell to shoppers.  Even the tea room had two, young, apron-clad girls carrying a silver tray of huge muffins down the street.  It's become a tradition for us to spend the morning visiting with friends that we run into and searching for treasures.

So through town we trekked - with two stops at Owen's Lemonade.  Owen is a little boy of 4 or 5 who is a natural-born salesman.  He sat at his small table behind a huge sign advertising his products - lemonade, water, and "iced T."  And he asked everyone who passed:  "Would you like some wemonade?"  Well, he was irresistible (which is why we made two stops).  After receiving his payment, he promptly and enthusiastically proclaimed:  "Thank you and have a nice day!"  After we walked away, I heard him shout, "Mom, I got more money!"  That boy is going to make a fortune.

Down the street a bit, I found my treasure.  Digging through a box of magazines on an older lady's porch revealed a dozen issues of my second favorite magazine which is no longer in circulation, Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion.  I was so happy to see those beautiful covers from the '90s - always with one of ME's happy-go-lucky characters painted on the front.  And . . . digging further, I was excited to find two vintage copies of my favorite magazine, Victoria!  At twenty cents an issue, I felt like I was stealing from that dear lady!

Our last stop of the morning was at M.'s cousin's house on Main Street where his wife was selling her authentic Thai food.  We bought a pile of egg rolls and some chicken fried rice to take home for our lunch.

Definitely a successful morning -

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