Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Laffy, Taffy and an Easter Egg

In addition to the six Barred Rock chicks the boys brought home last week, six Comet chicks have been added to the temporary coop in the basement.  Delightful things that look liked popped popcorn.

But my favorite newbies are the two baby ducks.  I told Eli recently about the sweet little ducklings his dad gave me before we were married - Fig and Newton.  That was all he needed to hear - not long after that, Laffy and Taffy were added to the coop. 

Laffy, Taffy and a few of the Comet chicks

And to make E.'s Easter even sweeter, he won the Egg Painting Contest on Easter Eve!

(Photos by Eli)


Anonymous said...

Love the egg, that young man has talent!


Anonymous said...

He was saving his smack for your blog! Like his Dad, will he pull it out in twenty years?

Julie said...

He is very talented, Sandy - thank you!

And to my anonymous in-law:
For the record, E. was perfectly innocent in the matter. Though he did do a photo shoot of his egg for his own personal posterity purposes, he didn't know I put a photo of it on the blog. And, just in case you were wondering, he did NOT have it laminated!