Monday, April 1, 2013

A Book Review of Grace for the Good Girl

God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another. -- William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life by Emily P. Freeman was on the religion table a few weeks ago at our local library's used book sale.  It was sitting there waiting for me - the LORD knew that He was putting it into my hands just when my heart was ready for it.  I heard about Grace for the Good Girl on a blog many months ago and was intrigued by the title - though, I must admit, was a tad leery about reading it.  A red flag always goes up in my mind when I judge a book to be a Christian "self-help" book.  The reason being that I have a love/hate relationship with them.  My tendency is to want to read that type of book and then try to put it all into practice.  Of course, it's not too long until I fail and find myself discouraged.  The funny thing is that I only had to read a page or two of Grace to discover that the book was addressing the very issue of my type of trying-hard life.  In many ways, it feels as if I wrote the book!

The book is broken down into three parts - The Hiding, The Finding and The Freedom of Being Found.  The first part focuses on the lies we believe and the masks we wear to perpetuate those lies.  The Finding relates how to find truth, acceptance and trust in the Only One who can bring us true freedom from ourselves.  And the third section encourages the heart to surrender to the fact that God and His incredible love for us can be enough.

If you find yourself focused more on what you're doing for the Kingdom than you are on loving the King, this book's for you.  If you spend many of your waking moments feeling guilty and discouraged over your Christian walk, this book's for you.  If you simply need to be reminded that you have a God who is as close as your next breath, this book's for you.  

Grace for the Good Girl brought tears to my eyes and freedom to my heart.  God in His incredible graciousness is using the wisdom and truth this book contains to help me know more of His passionate loveAnd that Love changes everything.


Lori said...


This was one of the first "free" books I downloaded to my Christmas Kindle last year... I haven't read it yet, but your excellent review gives me motivation to begin it soon!

Today, I just had to get out my "Hidden Art of Homemaking" because my beloved mentor, Edith Schaeffer, passed to glory over the Easter weekend. She was 98.5 yrs. I was assigned her "Hidden Art" book as a 17 yr old first semester in Bible college... I read every book she wrote thereafter. What have you read of hers and how have her writings been a blessing in your life?

Your friend,

Julie said...

Lori -

I love "Hidden Art of Homemaking" and pull it off the shelf every now and then for creative inspiration and homemaking encouragement. I think that's the only book of her's I've read - which others do you recommend?!