Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mud Saling

Don't know if there are mud sales in other parts of the country or not, but around here this is the season for such.  Lots of volunteer fire companies in the area hold mud sales to raise funds, auctioning off all manner of things.  M. and I attended my first one last weekend - a pleasant way to spend an evening.  Friday night was the grocery auction - we sat on benches in the firehouse for three hours and had fun picking up some bargains, people-watching, and eating homemade goodies from the Amish-tended food stands.  There was a family with a 3-month old baby right in front of us - the two of us especially enjoyed watching him and reminiscing over similar things our babies used to do.  The next day M. and Caleb went back to the auction for a few hours to see other things being sold - hay, equipment, household items and all kinds of odds and ends.  They brought home some chicken wire, a bucket and a pair of 50 cent skis!  Look for mud sales in your area - if you have the opportunity, check one out -

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