Friday, January 18, 2013

Learning to Shed the Masks

Right around New Year's, I usually do a little spiritual inventory.  I spend some time reflecting on the past year and the lessons that the Lord has taught.  Usually, a theme emerges.  Last year was The Year of Humility.  The incredible value of being in the kneeling position was made known.  He taught me that bowing the knee helps bow the heart.  Hard lessons, good lessons.  A blessing to remember that He is God, and I am not.

This year's theme has already emerged.  The Year of the Unveiling.  He is removing the masks that I wear.  Sometimes, they peel off easy - like a cool, refreshing facial.  Other times, hard.  Like that telling scene in Spiderman where he's laboriously and frantically ripping away the black, foreign coating from his body.  The mask that he put on willingly, only to discover that it's slowly destroying who he was created to be.

God's wooing me, pulling me to walk in Truth - whether in word, thought or action.  He is leading the way - pushing through fear and darkness into the light.  Calling me to shed the barriers that blur my vision and His glory. 

And what glorious freedom there is on the other side of the mask.

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