Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Children's Party Themes

Looking for a theme for a future children's party (or even a grown-up party)?  Here's a partial list of some fun ideas from Parties for Children (1965) by Marguerite Kohl and Frederica Young:

Gingerbread Man Party
Noah's Ark Party
Sand Pail Party
Mother Goose Party
Planting Party
Let's Go on a Hike Party
Train Party
Circus Party
Doll's Tea Party
Flower Party
Pilgrim and Indian Party
Snow Party
Pirate Party
Puppy Party
Stamp Collectors' Party
Chuck Wagon Party
Cooking Party
Robin Hood Party
Japanese Tea Party
Kite Party
George Washington Pie Baking Party
Private Detective Party
Seeing Your Town Party
Show and Tell Party

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