Friday, January 25, 2013

A Book Review of Heaven

Writing a book review on Randy Alcorn's Heaven is a little daunting.  Perhaps because the book itself appears slightly intimidating - at nearly 500 pages, it's the most comprehensive resource that I've ever seen or read about Heaven.  Yet once you dig in, you'll find this book easy-to-read.

Mr. Alcorn divided his book into three sections - Part I being A Theology of Heaven, Part II Questions and Answers About Heaven, and Part III Living in Light of Heaven.  To be honest, my first inclination was to jump right to Part II, but I'm glad that I didn't.  The section regarding the theology of Heaven is so important, and it's where the author builds his case for much of his work and many of the conclusions he comes to - squarely on the foundation of Scripture.  I especially appreciate how he heartily encourages the reader to make sure to test the book against Scripture, as we are to do with all that we read or think on or hear.  Part I lays the foundational groundwork for Part II, in which he answers specific questions about life in Heaven.  Questions like:  What will the resurrected earth be like?; What will our lives be like?; What will our relationships look like?; What about animals?; and What will we do in Heaven?  And then the third section briefly deals with how we should live in light of the amazing knowledge we have of Heaven.

Reading Heaven has encouraged my heart tremendously.  So often as I read through it, I found myself excited over things the author shares, affirming similar conclusions that my own heart has come to.  What joy it is to think on and relish in what our true Home will be like.  And Randy Alcorn's Heaven is a perfect way to provide encouragement and add insight to those very dreams.  The best, indeed, is yet to come -

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