Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunday's Sledding Party

* Three little kids pitching themselves down the side of the bank – no sleds needed – and having a grand time of it. Laughing so loud I could hear them in the house.

* A toddler nephew – too little for the cold and snow – just discovering the blissful meaning of the words, “hot cocoa.”

* An impressive run down the hill on a snowboard by a little girl with shining eyes and strawberry hair past her waist

* A big pile of kids crowded into a tight group on the living room floor – all trying to see photos on the laptop

* Some quiet time with a dear friend sharing God’s grace in lessons learned before the troops hit the house for snacks

* My ever-generous sister showing up with a treat of dark chocolate cocoa

* Big boys and little boys – with hats askew – laughing and playing in the snow

* The dramatic account of a crash that was “so cool” they wished someone was filming it

* A three-year-old delighting in patiently sipping his cocoa off his spoon and then asking to play with the rubber duckies in my bathroom

* My sister-in-law walking in with snack reinforcements at the exact moment I needed them

* Watching out the window as they hit the ramp and arms and legs and hats go flying

* M.’s sister driving in the lane after dark recounting how the house looked - all lit up with heads bobbing in every window

* A teenage nephew who never fails to compliment me on my baking

* Having 20+ people in the house all at the same time – laughing, eating, joking, retelling adventures of the day

* Having 20+ people go home and being tired but happy with the anticipation of doing it all over again another day

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