Monday, January 31, 2011

A Valentine-Making Kit

I recently put together a Valentine-making kit for a friend and had SO much for doing it! I started a few months ago by hunting for Valentine stickers, buttons, rick-rack, lace and other garnishes whenever I was in a thrift shop. I also found beautiful fabric with vintage Valentines printed on it at a local fabric store to put in the box. Sequins and heart die-cuts were added to vintage heart-shaped Jello molds, too. The box itself came from my husband who brought it home from work after Christmas - cookies had been in it and he figured that I could use it for something. Tied with a bow, it looks almost to pretty to open . . .

Perhaps you'll be inspired to create a similar box for a friend. I'm not sure who will enjoy it more - the giver or the givee!

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