Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing Store

The MLK holiday meant that I had two extra boys in the house for the day. My nephews joined our routine and somewhere along the line they, along with Eli, invented a grocery store in the living room. Paper cherries, grapes, eggs and milk bottles quickly multiplied until deemed enough to open shop.

Throughout the rest of the week, the game has increased – sales flyers, coupons and credit cards have been added. After getting off the school bus each afternoon, the boys eagerly join Eli who’s already got the TV tray counter set up and the “produce” arranged. Once again, I shop for paper ice cream, frozen pizza and candy hearts. More businesses have been added – a pizza shop, fireworks store, movie theater and donut shop.

I’m tired of shopping. But I keep doing it. The Spirit encourages my heart that these “shopping trips” have the scent of eternity about them. They are the things that make memories, the things that will last in minds that will soon grow “too old” for paper produce.


Anonymous said...

Gee, We weren't invited to shop.
May be we were there when the store was closed!
I love children's imaginations.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting all the grocery items out of the cabinets on Sunday afternoon and setting up the store on the table. Imagine Mom's surprise when she got up from her nap! I think Eli's version might be nicer for Mom. A.T.

Virginia Knowles said...

I love that phrase "scent of eternity." Good food for thought.