Saturday, January 22, 2011

German Animal Masks & A Tea Menu

My sister and I found these masks last week at a thrift shop when we were out on her birthday outing. We figured that the masks might have been owned by a librarian or teacher - they're all laminated and have the names of each animal written on the back. They were made in Germany in 1989. We snatched up their bag quickly and pawed through them first thing back in the car. J. took out the lion, tiger and baboon masks - to put in a large frame with an African theme. The rest came home with me for Eli. He sat in front of the bathroom mirror and tried each one on - not being able to decide if he liked the wild boar or guinea pig the best. That being said, he spent much time this week in the owl mask - making uncanny sounds and gestures like an owl (freaking me out a little).

Besides the thrift shop, J. and I also hit our favorite Goodwill store where we spent a ridiculous amount of time in the dressing room giggling. Lunch was at a local bakery/tea room. And because I love words, tea food, menus and the combination thereof, I must list the menu:

* Creamy Herbed Tomato Soup with Cornbread Biscotti (oh, my)
* Toasted Ham, Cheese & Apple Croissant with Pear & Orange Slices
* Triple Berry Streusel Bar & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake
* A Pot of Hot Vanilla Black Tea
* Take Home Treat of Orange-Glazed Scones

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