Monday, November 1, 2010

Scenes From Sunday

Yesterday after worship, we enjoyed having a young couple over for lunch. Our guests brought the dessert - delicious chocolate chip cookies and slices of Rice Krispy Roll which I requested the recipe for as the boys and I especially enjoyed that. They stayed for several hours as we ate, got to know one another better, and introduced them to the antics of the goats.

Our menu:

* Grilled Sausage
* Cooked Cauliflower
* Grilled Asparagus
* Buttered Noodles
* Cold & Warm Applesauce
* Chocolate Chip Cookies and Rice Krispy Roll with Hot Tea

After our company left, the boys went off in two directions - Caleb and Eli went to a fall festival with their cousins, and Ben took off to practice volleyball with the team members he's going to play with in a winter league. So Marty and I enjoyed several hours alone - we decided on a long walk down the road then a light supper of tomato soup, toast with apple butter and left-over dessert from lunch. We also read for awhile and watched an old Perry Mason episode together. It was a beautiful autumn Sabbath day.


Anonymous said...

I always forget you have this blog. What a nice place to see what you are up to. Those rice crispy rolls look divine!!! :) Your place is as beautiful as ever! Great pics-which of the boys is the photographer, I forget?
Love to you all!

Julie said...

It was a fun surprise to see your name this morning!

Eli and I take turns behind the camera - though he definitely has a natural eye for it.

Love to your little brood as well!