Monday, August 30, 2010

Pushing Wheelchairs

My posts have been a bit sporadic due to the fact they we experienced a minor crisis last week – Caleb’s mouth connecting with a baseball bat. The incident resulted in some excitement AND some dental work, of course. Anyway, Caleb’s fine (far better than his mother), and life is returning to normality.

The five of us spent yesterday morning at our denomination’s affiliated nursing home. It was our church’s turn to act as escorts for the morning - ferrying residents from the various floors to the worship service. When the opportunity to push wheelchairs arose, we quickly jumped at the chance knowing how much we have enjoyed this avenue of service in the past. The time spent with the residents is a privilege and a blessing – they bring us joy, foster compassion, remind us to be thankful and teach us lessons that God uses to shape our paths.

After our time at the home, I enjoy reflecting back on the things I saw, learned and experienced there. The Lord is always faithful in using the sweet souls that we come across to minister to our hearts.

* I jumped at the chance to push Miss M. She has the funniest little giggle, is almost always cheerful and enthusiastic, and will tell you to go nice and slow over the “bumpity-bumps” (the metal ridges in the hallway carpet). She usually wears pretty-colored beads with her Sunday dress and is one of my favorite residents because of her cheerful heart.

* Today Caleb and I met Miss A. One of the nurses told us that quiet and soft-spoken Miss A. was a beauty contest winner in the ‘50s! The Lord used her to remind me that though physical beauty is fleeting, spiritual beauty lasts for eternity.

* When I opened the elevator door on one floor, I was greeted by Mr. W. sitting in his wheelchair lustily belting out a hymn. As we chatted on the way to the service, whenever something I said particularly pleased him, he would reply with “Oh, happy day!” I should show such enthusiasm upon going to church.

* Miss K. wanted to go to church this week. Last week she wasn’t feeling well and headed back to her room. But today I found her ready and waiting, dressed in a lovely blue suit with pearls – her Sunday best. She is nearly 100, was a pastor’s wife and is very proud of her daughter who comes to teach the residents about music. Miss K. looks like a flower and when she told me that I could escort her, I told her that it would definitely be my pleasure.

And it is, indeed, a pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

So glad your son is okay. I had a similar situation, but my mouth met with a fight of stairs. No fun for moms...