Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspiration From Mitford: Make Me A Blessing

On the first page of “At Home in Mitford,” we find Father Tim uttering a prayer that he had offered every morning at the door of Lord’s Chapel for the twelve years he had been its’ rector.

“Father, make me a blessing to someone today, through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

There’s something about that prayer that strikes a chord in my heart. As I pondered adding that short and simple prayer to my daily quiet time, I realized that there is more to it than uttering a few, heartfelt words. Asking God to “make me” a blessing requires action on God’s part, as well as my own. Praying that prayer requires me to be willing to be made a blessing each day. Asking God to make me a blessing and then intentionally thinking about how I can be a blessing puts feet on my faith. My heart AND my feet must be willing.

As a reminder to be intentional, I took a small piece of cardstock and propped it on my kitchen windowsill. It says: How can I be a blessing to someone today?

Whether a phone call or a visit or an encouraging notecard or simply a smile, I desire to put feet on my prayer and be a blessing to someone this day and every day. And, as is so often the case in the work of the Kingdom, when I choose to bless someone else, I, too, am blessed in the process.

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Patty said...

Such good and useful thoughts. Blessings.