Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

for the never-ending beauty of the Pine Creek valley -

for a morning of yard saling in an Amish neighborhood -
 6347.) for a safe trip home from the cabin
6348.) for the comfort of our own bed
6349.) for flowers in the frig and a new magazine on my desk
6350.) that there is wisdom in knowing what time it is
6351.) for several days with lots of pondering time and for the lessons learned and practiced during them - help me to remember, Abba
6352.) that less is more
6353.) that choosing obedience is choosing joy
6354.) that choosing obedience isn't really a choice but a command for my good

for these gorgeous wildflowers all along the roadsides and creekbanks -
6355.) that thankfulness is the key that unlocks everything
6356.) that there is none like You, LORD God All-Powerful - that You are powerful and completely trustworthy (Psalm 89:8)
6357.) that love and truth are in all You do (Psalm 89:14) - make that so in my own life
6358.) for these reminders from Proverbs:
* that the right word spoken at the right time is beautiful (25:11)
* that a gentle word can get through to the hard-headed (25:15)

for a delightful dinner at The Whistlestop (an old, converted railroad station) -
6359.) for the encouragement to be wise in good and innocent in what is evil (Romans 16:19)
6360.) that the God Who brings peace will soon defeat Satan and give us power over him (Romans 16:20)
6361.) that You change the minds of kings (Ezra 6:22) - and if You can do that, You can change anyone's mind

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