Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Gratitude Gifts


The two photos below are layouts from a magazine I picked up a few months ago at a yard sale – Phyllis Hoffman’s Celebrate Autumn: Gatherings from Fall 2012.  (At the yard sale price of a quarter, it was a steal!!)  The article is called The Gift of Giving and features six simple but classy ideas for little gifts to share with others as a token of gratitude during this autumn season.

The first three ideas are cellophane bags of trail mix or granola nestled in wooden berry baskets; whole coffee beans in small plastic decorated containers; and scented pillar candles tied up in a mesh/burlap bag.

The second set of ideas features pretty, egg shaped soaps garnished with a seasonal ribbon; a package of plain napkins with an appropriate rubber stamp to embellish the napkins; and cute, corked jars of honey with a honey dipper attached.  I love that any one of these items would make a special little treat for someone whether as a hostess gift, a present for a neighbor or a just-because gift for a friend. 

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