Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Homemade Jello

Upon hearing that I have excess raspberry juice in my freezer, a friend suggested I try her mother's homemade Jello recipe (originally titled: Fruity Gelatin Dessert).  It's an old recipe and a fun one as it can be adapted so many ways.  The taste is, of course, more "real" than Jello and the texture is more dense.  I made it with 2 cups of pure raspberry juice squeezed from our berries - it was very potent!  Next time I would probably do 1 1/2 cups juice and 1/2 cup water to tone it down a little.  Though another friend of mine tasted it and loved how strong it was.  Besides fresh fruit juice, she said you could use bottled apple juice or the peach juice from canned peaches (omitting the sugar).  When our Concord grapes our ripe, I want to see how that juice takes to the recipe.  Have fun experimenting!

Homemade Jello

1 tabl. Knox unflavored gelatin
2-4 tabl. sugar (I used 2 in the raspberry - again, experiment)
2 C. fruit juice, heated to boiling

Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl, stirring until gelatin is completely dissolved.  Cool and chill until set.

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