Monday, July 28, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

for the amazing smell of chocolate mint -
6012.) for a fun Saturday evening with my in-laws - supper at our favorite cheesesteak shop and a card game afterwards
6013.) for Your protection of us all through the storms last night
6014.) for the little box of goodies that a friend left for me in the church kitchen - a vase of zinnias and celosia, a quart of bouquet water, a jar of banana pickles and the recipe for homemade Jell-o
6015.) for the fascinating beauty of the "new" chickens added to our barnyard by a friend of Eli's
6016.) for the encouragement I receive every time I re-read a Mitford book
6017.) for a good Sunday school discussion on the topics of prophecy and tongues which carried into lunch
6018.) for an all-vegetable, all-homegrown Sunday summer luncheon - corn on the cob, green beans with onions and sweet dill pickles
6019.) that You have saved me because of Who You are (Psalm 54:1)
6020.) for the reminder that it's wise to set hedges in our lives - not giving ourselves more opportunities to sin than we've already got (Proverbs 22:5)
6021.) that what He made was the best  (John 2:1-10) - You never give us left-overs, Abba, but are always waiting to pour out the best upon us
6022.) for the reminder of the powerful influence I have as a wife - help me to use it for good and not evil (I Kings 21:25)

P.S.  The chocolate mint in the frog planter is a variety called Cocomint.  It smells like a creme de menthe sundae and is the best chocolate mint I have ever smelled in my life!  There was a recipe for chocolate mint cake on the plant tag that I might have to give a whirl when the mint is prolific enough.  And the container is one that Caleb painted at VBS when he was 6. : )

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