Monday, June 16, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

for our beautiful chickens  -
5680.) for the third and final graduation celebration we attended this season - a reminder of sweet memories and time to visit lots of old friends
5681.) for a Father's Day visit to Maryland with a vanful of kids and ice cream on the way home
5682.) for honeysuckle-scented air pouring in the windows on our drive
5683.) for delightfully cool mornings that feel more like autumn than summer
5684.) for good old Nancy Drew - every summer I get a hankerin' to read one
5685.) for the time the five of us spent last evening on the porch at sunset . . . just talking
5686.) for Dairy Queen gift cards
5687.) for the fun of climbing up into the cupola of an old college building to see the signatures of students from the last hundred years - what a cool history lesson
5688.) that You are all I need - You are enough (Psalm 16:5)
5689.) that "being with You will fill me with joy" and "at Your right hand I will find pleasure forever" (Psalm 16:11) - looking forward to it, Abba!
5690.) that I know You have not failed to keep any of Your promises (Joshua 23:14)
5691.) for the magnificent specimen of wormhood that crawled out of the row of corn we were transplanting this morning!

(Photo credit to Eli Druck Photography)

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