Monday, April 21, 2014

Thank You, LORD . . .

For daffodils on the bank of the pond, in front of the clubhouse and in the flowerbeds -
5368.) for Easter joy and the reality of His resurrection that ensures that I, too, will One Day be raised to eternal life with You!
5369.) for Dove chocolate bunnies from my boys, homemade coconut eggs from a friend, and beautiful orange tulips from my Secret Sister
5370.) for the fun of hiding Easter eggs in the warmth of Spring sunshine
5371.) for a new book from a friend to add to my morning devotion line-up: 10,000 Things to Praise God For
5372.) for a bright, new morning
5373.) that You do what is right (Psalm 129:4)5374.) for Your holiness (Leviticus 22:32)
5375.) for the new agreement You made with Your people (Hebrews 8)
5376.) for the reminder that a person with understanding is always looking for wisdom, but the mind of a fool wanders everywhere (Proverbs 17:24)
5377.) for the peace, rest and healing balm I find in Your presence.  Thank You that I can come boldly to Your throne and find grace and mercy there Every. Time.  You are Life and Breath to me.

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