Friday, April 11, 2014

A Book Review of God's Forever Feast

God's Forever Feast: Letting God Satisfy Your Deepest Hunger by Dr. Paul Brand is a fascinating book because it was written by a fascinating man.  Dr. Paul Brand was a compassionate medical missionary, a gifted surgeon, and an incredibly wise man who loved and served God with all his heart.  I have read several of his books and always come away from them with a deeper gratitude and awe of our Amazing Creator's brilliance and power.  God's Forever Feast is no different.  In his own words, Dr. Brand writes that this book looks "at parallels between the physical human body and the spiritual body of Christ."  In an easy-to-understand style, Dr. Brand explains the intricate workings and make-up of our incredibly designed bodies and draws lessons from them.  He illuminates Scripture by sharing insights he's discovered through his studies and research.  Dr. Paul Brand's humility and passion for His Savior shines through on every page - making each book he's written a testimony of God's amazing grace.

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